The parable of the sower, you keep sowing, eventually it will fall in good soil, and some will fall on thorny rocky grounds. Some seeds will be picked off by birds.

But if you keep sowing, you keep sharing a good idea long enough, it will fall in good people. The ambitious sower never stopped sowing.

The other point of the parable is that you reap what you sow. Which also means, if you don’t sow, you don’t reap. So keep sowing.

The other interesting thing about the sower, is that the seeds that landed in good soil, some sprung to life and bore fruit. Some to the tune of 10X, some 20X, and others 100X or more. You never know who is gonna be the 10 Xers or whose gonna be the 100 Xers. Our role is to keep sowing faithfully like the sower.


14th September 2021

Anthony Pompliano
““It’s only once I actually started to invest money that I started to get the education.
So I always say that Bitcoin taught me economics, it taught me personal finance, it’s taught me social psychology - you know, all these different things. But there is an element of just understanding hey, invest because at this point, given the inflation and the monetary debasement it is impossible in America to get a financial security position by saving. It’s just they are debasing the currency. 38% of dollars in circulation were printed in the last 18 months.

Tom Bilyeu
That’s insane, That’s insane - like when you think that we are over 200 years old as a country. That’s really bananas.