* Find something to solve
* Understand who it affects

Start to understand a problem

* Make an action scheme
* Write about the situation

Collect information, write & draw

* Make what you imagine
* Use artistic expression

Bring ideas into existence

* Think about what went right
* Discover what went wrong

Remember what has been done

1. Issue
* Face a problem
* Ask what needs to be done

Identify a thing or process which needs be solved or fixed

2. Stakeholders
* Identify who the issue affects
* Show who is linked & how

Acknowledge every person or living being involved in an idea or action

3. Brief
* Write a vision for the project
* Describe what will be designed

Write one paragraph that guides the DESIGN work

4. Research
* Search for related knowledge
* Find out about the issue & what has already been done

Collect information from credible sources to support the project

5. Concepts
* Quickly generate ideas with an open mind
* Forget what already exists & show what you imagine

Experimentally draw, model & write to show a broad range of ideas

6. Solutions
* Carefully develop your your best ideas
* Make a few of your concepts better & write notes

Refine different designs while reflecting on what you've learned

7. Outcome
* Communicate as best you can
* Build a prototype or draw in detail to show your DESIGN

Show your final DESIGN, or most interesting solution in detail or build one

8. Review
* Discuss & summerise the project
* Write what went right & wrong in detail

Remember what happened & make sense of how the DESIGN could have been improved